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Name: Danny Borgstrom (Head Brewer)
Place of Origin: Green Bay, WI
Years of Experience: 8 years
Experience/Previous Gigs: Diamond Knot Brewing Co. (Mukilteo, WA), Titletown Brewing Co. (Green Bay, WI), Das Bierhaus (Menomonie, WI)

First beer memory:
It was 2005, I had just arrived for my semester in Scotland, and decided to go to the local pub. I ordered a Belhaven's Best, pumped by hand and knew it was going to change my life. I had never had anything like it before. I didn't know beer could look taste and feel the way this beer did. It was the pint that I'll never forget.

approach to beer:
Creative, honest, simple and drinkable. I tend to look to the past for inspiration but leave enough room for creativity to take hold. I believe a beer is best enjoyed by a second and third, and that's why I keep our beers drinkable. You will find staples of the PNW here, but also beers that resonate with the community.

favorite beer:
Anything in the Blonde Lager category is sure to have a place in my heart. I like them because there is nowhere to hide; it is what it is. And more often than not, those parameters help restrain the breweries making them. They let everything in the glass speak for itself. However, I'm also a seasonal beer lover. A cold rainy day? A robust Porter or Stout. Done with a long run or bike ride? I crave a Hefeweizen like I haven't had a sip in months. And who doesn't love a well made Oktoberfest for that sliver of the season where it seems to taste like the colors of Fall?

Name: Craig Koontz (Past Brewer)
Place of Origin: Powell, WY
Years of Experience: 14 years
Experience/Previous Gigs: Four Peaks Brewing Co. (Tempe, AZ), Mudshark Brewing Co. (Lake Havasu, AZ), Tamarack Brewing Co. (Missoula, MT)

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