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West Seattle Brewing House IPA

House IPA
Two (2) healthy pounds per barrel (31 gallons) provides moderately high hop bitterness, bold hop flavor, and penetrating hop aroma from start to finish. Caramelized malt barley lends color and sweetness in order to balance the aggressively hop forward style.
OG: 15.2 / ABV: 6.7% / IBU: 67

West Seattle Brewing Pale Ale

West Pale
An unfiltered and Dry Hopped American Style Pale Ale with resinous hop aroma from additions of Chinook and Willamette varieties. Horizon additions provide additional hop assertiveness and distinct bittering qualities.
OG: 13.0 / ABV: 5.4% / IBU: 42

West Seattle Brewing Avalon Amber

Avalon Amber
Take Avalon Way to the top where it ends at WSBC and enjoy this smooth Amber Ale. The subtle hop addition with minimal bitterness allows the malt to shine with round caramel notes and sweet nuttiness. A soft finish raises the glass again and again.
OG: 14.0 / ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 25

West Seattle Brewing Sounders Stout

Sounders Stout
Strong malt character in the form of alcohol, caramelized, roasty, rich, malty and full-bodied with heavy espresso-like aromas layered with chocolate covered raisins and hints of anise. Moderate bitterness contributions from the heavily roasted malts and hop additions balance the big rich body and malt character of the stout beer, and provides a smooth finish.
OG: 17.0 / ABV: 6.9% / IBU: 55

West Seattle Brewing Wieting Pilsner

Wieting Pilsner
Named after our Founder, Drew Locke's Mother's maiden name (his German side), traditional Saaz hops flavor this moderately bittered Bavarian classic. Crisp, dry mouthfeel is balanced by light spicy hop character elevating this lager style to its World renowned notoriety.
OG: 14.5 / ABV: 4.9% / IBU: 20

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